Research Activities

At present, my research focus is on Intent-based Networks and Systems. Previously, I have worked in the domain of Opportunistic Mobile Networks (OMNs), a subclass of Delay Tolerant Networks (DTNs). In OMNs, the nodes (typically carried by humans, e.g., smartphones) have intermittent connections, and usually lack in end-to-end communication paths. Consequently, the TCP/IP stack is ill suited for OMNs, and an entirely different set of protocols is to be investigated.

In my PhD thesis, I have explored different avenues of content dissemation in OMNs. These include unicasting, content searching, and local dissemination schemes among others. SeeR, our proposed routing scheme for OMNs has been published in IEEE TMC, whereas, CHARM, a proposed scheme for named content searching, has been published in IEEE CL. My thesis is supervised by Dr. Sudip Misra, who mentors the Smart Wireless Applications & Networking research group.

In my MS thesis (supervised by Dr. Sudip Misra and Dr. Debasis Samanta), I considered the effects of certain human aspects, such as innate intelligence and emotions, upon the performance of the network. As such, the otherwise mechanical nodes of a typical OMN evolve into supernodes, which are a combination of the mobile devices together with their human owner.

Additionally, I have also worked a bit related to online education technologies. You would find a few such publications in IEEE WCM and some other conferences.


A list of my selected publications till date is as follows. Full-texts of some of the articles are available in ResearchGate.



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