Redesigned Website: Theory and Thoughts

September 29, 2015

For the past few days I have been contemplating to upgrade the design of this website. Not that the previous UI had any apparent flaw – it was quite simple and neat. However, I wanted to move a little... Read More

Static HTML Templates using Jinja2

May 15, 2015


HTML templates are to web development as superclass is to object oriented programming. HTML templates help in reusing the commonly used design elements (for example, headers, footers and navigation bars) across different pages. Thus, if the copyright notice... Read More

50K Views of the DTN Blog

March 22, 2015

[Originally appeared in the DTN blog.]

The DTN blog recently crossed 50,000 views. I prepared this infographic to summarize the growth of this blog over the years. This is also my first attempt to design an... Read More

Looking Back at 2014

December 20, 2014

That 2014 was eventful would perhaps be an understatement. In 2014, the world witnessed a wide spectrum of events ranging from good to bad, stories of accomplishment and loss, and triumph of humanity and reaching its nadir. And there were... Read More

Hello, Dr. Jekyll!

September 6, 2014

Finally got a chance to say hello to Jekyll, the much famed static website generator. This is the first post to a new blog that I am planning to launch and integrate with my website. Stay tuned for more!

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